Agri Parts and Covid-19 Emergency

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These weeks are really putting in trouble companies all over the world.
We have continued the activity without stopping since the beginning of the health emergency: we have taken all the necessary measures to prevent and minimize the risk of contagion in every area of ​​the production chain.

We have assessed every single aspect, constantly monitoring the impact of Covid 19: the reorganization of the working spaces, more attention to hygiene rules, the introduction of smart working as an alternative solution to the activities of some departments, greater care in supplies, logistics and deliveries, in Italy as well as abroad.

Our primary goal is and always will be to guarantee the health and safety of our Staff and our customers.

It has not been easy to organize a new way of being a Company in such a short time, but we can say with certainty that we are always available and present for all our customers, ready to receive and process orders, even those that require more urgency.

We are Italian, optimistic, tireless and professional: this is why we guarantee you support and assistance to the best of our ability, every day.

If you want to know more, please write to us.